On Tyranny and Crisis

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When Dutch Laker, a man with strong ties to the Mafia and a connection to the Russian government, becomes president of the United States, a string of catastrophic actions follows. Laker withdraws the country from the Paris Agreement, ensuring further damage from climate change; withdraws from a nuclear agreement with Iran, creating a serious risk of nuclear war; and orders the assassinations of several in his administration who oppose him. 

Linda Blaine—code name “Sapphire”—was one of the most accomplished intelligence agents of the Cold War. Now semi-retired, Linda is called back into action to lead a coalition headed by the vice president to oppose Laker and save the country. 

Retired U.S. Ambassador Thomas Graham has created compelling characters and carefully crafted a political tale that includes rogue military, domestic rebellion, and intense intra-governmental struggles—all leading to impeachment hearings and a final confrontation with a corrupt and dangerous president.

“Tom Graham is a consummate Washington insider, with many years’ experience as an ambassador and arms negotiator shedding light while fighting off the dark side. No one is better positioned to tell a thrilling tale of political and international intrigue. Highly recommended.”

—Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize winner for The Making of the Atomic Bomb

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Thomas Graham Jr., On Tyranny and Crisis, Butler Books, https://www.butlerbooks.com/ Published September 2020, ISBN 978-1-953058-02-7

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