John Jay’s Journal, with Friends 2017-2021

John Jay’s Journal, with Friends: Explorations into the Trump Administration, 2017-2021, 3rd Edition, by Thomas Graham, Jr. accompanied by friends Elizabeth Turpen, David Bernell and Ethel White (Lulu Press, 2021) ISBN: 978-1-6671-8911-6

How would that highly talented group of individuals generally referred to as this nation’s Founders comment on events today affecting the republic they launched in 1776 and established thereafter? What would the Founders think about the Trump administration and its attendant atmosphere of vituperative partisanship? This small book explores that subject. On issue after issue—immigration, the character of public servants, corruption, the right to vote, freedom of religion—the Founders have much to say. The author who writes under the name of John Jay, among other pursuits has been a university professor who has taught and lectured at many universities and schools of higher learning in the United States and abroad. He, along with a few friends, show us how to have a conversation with our Founders about what is most important to us today.

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