On Tyranny and Crisis
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Republicans: Political Party or Threat to Our Democracy? (2022)

John Jay’s Journal, with Friends Explorations into the Trump Administration, 2017-2021 (2021)

On Tyranny and Crisis (2020)

The Alternate Route: Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone (2017)

Seeing the Light: The Case for Nuclear Power in the 21st Century (2017)

America: The Founders’ Vision (2017)

Sapphire: A Tale of the Cold War (2014)

Unending Crisis: National Security after 9/11 (2012)

Preventing Catastrophe: The Use & Misuse of Weapons of Mass Destruction (2009)

Spy Satellites & Other Technologies That Have Changed the Course of History (2007)

Common Sense on Weapons of Self Destruction (2007)

Cornerstones of Security: Arms Control Treaties in the Nuclear Era (2003)

Disarmament Sketches: Three Decades of Arms Control and International Law (2002)

Book Chapters

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