Interviews & Occasional Papers


Interviews of Amb. Graham

Thomas Graham, Former Ambassador, US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.Titans of Nuclear. Nov.

Graham, Thomas, Jr. Oral History Interview by Linda Richards. Oregon State University. 28 Oct. 2015.

“Graham, Thomas Jr.” Inside the Writer’s Café with Cheryl Nason. Web Radio. 29 June

Ambassador Thomas Graham Talks Nuclear Power with Telluride.” interviewed by Heather Sackett. Telluride Daily Planet 1 April 2014.

Graham, Thomas, Jr. interviewed by Charles Stuart Kennedy. Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training. 2001-2013. NOTE: This oral history was prepared under the direction of the State Department.PDF_sm

Graham, Thomas, Jr. interviewed by Jonathan Granoff, Widener Law School, PA.

“A Nuclear Nightmare: It Could Happen Today.” interviewed by Stuart Taylor Jr. The National Journal (10 November 2001): 3487-88. 

“Strengthened Treaties Key to Nonproliferation Success Says Arms Control Expert. interviewed by Don Johnson. Newsline, Livermore, CA 22.13. 4 April 1997. PDF_sm

“The CFE Treaty Review Conference: Strengthening the ‘Cornerstone’ of European Security.” interviewed by Jack Mendelsohn and Sarah Walkling. Arms Control Today (Apr. 1996): 3-5.PDF_sm

“Preparing for the 1995 Conference. Arms Control Today 24.6 (July/Aug. 1994): 10-13. PDF_sm

“Battling the Bomb.” Interview with Stuart Taylor, Jr. American Lawyer. (3 September 1993).

“The CFE Story: Tales from the CFE Negotiating Table.” Arms Control Today (Jan./Feb. 1991): 9-11. PDF_sm

Occasional Papers

With David Bernell, “The Debt Ceiling: Enough Already,” Democracy Paradox, May 26, 2023.

With David Bernell, “Putin, Accountability, and the International Criminal Court,” Democracy Paradox, April 24 2023.

“Deliverance,” May 16, 2022With David Bernell, “The Debt Ceiling: Enough Already.” Democracy Paradox, May 26, 2023,. Unpublished.

In Search of a New World,” March 20, 2022. Unpublished.

“The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the Once and Future Guarantor of World Peace and Security,” 2020.

“The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the Origin of the Moratorium,” Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Invited, April 28, 2016.